Debbie – dMaker Media Team

Last October I went to Soe – East Timor. I was there to write a story about Elda, a little girl who have recently moved to Mercy Orphanage. When I first saw her, I felt so happy because she is so adorable.

The next morning, I went to her village, Oipuliki, and met his grandfather, Mr. Ba’i. I recorded the interview as Mr. Ba’i begin to tell me why he gave his grandchild, Elda, to the orphanage. He said that, he have no choice and it was because of the situation… (he lives with 5 grandchildren and have not enough money to feed them and take them to school).

Three months ago, Elda’s grandmother died because of starvation and Elda’s two years old brother died between the grandmother’s legs. Mr. Ba’i said, “I wanted to wake grandmother up that morning, but she’s not moving.. and suddenly I saw Elda’s brother fell from her legs, not breathing anymore..” The night before, Elda was sleeping together with her brother and her grandma, but the next morning, she saw them died beside her. When she first moved to Mercy Indonesia Orphanage, she was so depressed. She couldn’t speak for almost three months. She would’nt even tell anyone if she wants to go the toilet. She was very skinny but her stomach was bigger than other kids, because she was malnourished.

Mr. Ba’i believes his decision to give Elda to Mercy is the right decision. Elda will be able to go to school, sleep in a clean bed, and have a better life. She will not starve and she will wear nice clothes. If she stays in the hut, she will not have enough food to eat and she can’t go to school. I agree with Mr. Ba’i, I visited Elda’s hut and go inside the room where her grandmother and brother left her, it was very small. Not a good place to live. I’m thankful that Elda is now staying in a better house. She will also start going to school this year.

It is amazing how she has changed. After three months in Mercy Orphanage, she’s able to play with other kids, talk, and laugh. She dont feel depressed anymore, she looks more happy than when she first came. For me, this is a good example about how God is always taking care of His children. God loves Elda so much, just like He loves us, He will provide what she needs. Also, I believe Elda is still alive, because God has a great plan for her life.

Thankyou to Paulus Wiratno for giving me this project and thankyou Mercy Indonesia for the opportunity!

Debbie Wiratno, dMaker Media Team (Denpasar, Indonesia)