MARCELL – The Leader of Mercy Waikabubak

I am very grateful to God because there are many things He has done and entrusted to me. He gave me the opportunity to serve in this ministry at the orphanage and the radio, and also church plant which seemed really impossible for me when I thought about it.

But I thank Him for not only He gave me the chance, He also equips me in my weaknesses. And I thank Ps. Paulus and Marliesye Wirano, and all the mentors and dM staff, also our partners from abroad. I am proud of you all who have helped me become a better person.

The ministry that you have entrusted to me motivates me a lot and helps me to learn more. To become a good disciple, a great father for my children and be more patient with people.

It is all because of Christ’s love in my life.

As time goes by, sometimes I get disappointed and discouraged either in or outside of my ministry. But one thing that keeps me going on is GOD’S WORDS. God has given me the best just like what I read in 1 Peter 2:9 that talks about the chosen people, a royal priesthood, holy nation, God’s special possession, to witness great things He has done.

God has made me valuable. How am I going to pay Him back?

Only with my submission, obeying His Words, doing the right things, and guarding my heart.

The key to all of those are:

To love God and to hate sin. I humbly ask you to keep supporting me in prayer so that our ministry here gives impact to Waikabubak. And I am grateful that God has interferred in the government of this city so that we get to be helped through them too.

That is all my testimony for now. Jesus bless you.


The Leader Of Mercy Waikabubak